Repeatable systems and processes are critical to the growth of your agency. Without them, you’re constantly going back to the drawing board and trying to remember how you did something the last time—which is painfully inefficient.


Not too long ago, we were doing exactly that. And we just couldn’t stand it anymore. So we created (and have since perfected!) these client onboarding and off-boarding processes—and we’ll never go back!


These particular processes have really helped us streamline the way we interact with our clients and with each other, especially at the beginning of a project or a new client relationship. And now, you can apply them at your agency.


In this free download, you’ll find step-by-step processes for:

  • Proposal Creation
  • Onboarding Clients (For both inbound marketing and one-time projects.)
  • Off-Boarding Clients (For both inbound marketing and one-time projects.)

Fill out the form to the right and you’ll never have to reinvent the wheel for client onboarding or off-boarding again!


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